About The B.D. Freeman Show

We are a different kind of variety talk show... for everybody else!

That just might include you!

Every week we meet a fascinating new guest, ranging from actors and authors to musicians and action stars.  For example. we recently featured an 11-time World Champion Kickboxer as a guest, but there's only one of those!

Don "The Dragon" Wilson has legally KO'd at least 47 very worthy opponents in the ring. He didn't get any jail time, he got paid!  His wisdom, insights, and experience in the realm of Martial Arts is a master class on the discipline and diligence required to operate at the highest level. Oh yeah, he's also the star and original protagonist of the BLOODFIST franchise.  How cool is that? 
His contributions to multi-disciplinary martial arts paved the way for what we now know as MMA.  In our interview he goes in-depth about how Bruce Lee's influence taught him the advantages of mastering multiple styles, and finally how his friend Chuck Norris finally convinced him to get into acting. 
Yup, it took Chuck Norris.  We are extremely happy that Don is a friend of the show and most importantly in our corner! 

Comedian B.D. FREEMAN, well known and beloved for his witty pop-culture insights on VH1's perennial "I Love The.." (70's, 80's, 90's) and "The Greatest..." (such as "The 100 Greatest Red Carpet Moments", "The 40 Naughtiest Celebrity Scandals", "40 Most Shocking Hip Hop Moments") series now brings his comedic wit to his own show!

Starting off with lots of fun and frivolity, our host B.D. FREEMAN effortlessly transitions into deep-dive interviewing and is able to draw out a more human and nuanced portrait of the guest, and often even gets them to open up and offer their opinions as experts on serious topics. Often these journeys will delve into new undiscovered comedic territory. Anything can happen!