This week B.D. takes a deep dive with the fabulous NIA PEEPLES!

From her beginnings in Hollywood, through her music career and having a #1 dance hit, then on to the hit show "Fame," Nia talks about her experiences on the fast track to fame. The interview turns a corner when she shocks the audience in the bubbly actress' story about having a street fight in Atlanta!

This in-depth interview is full of gut-busting stories and anecdotes.

B.D. also waxes poetic about marriage and relationships, and how women can sometimes shop for men like shoes.

Peeples is best known for playing performing arts student Nicole Chapman on the hit TV series "Fame" as well as memorable roles in "Pretty Little Liars," "The Young and the Restles,s" and "Walker, Texas Ranger." Along with a healthy list of credits on film and TV, her most recent roles include "Longmire" and "The Fosters."