New Mini! - BD Interviews DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON 

In this hilarious interview, BD and 11-time World Champion Kickboxer DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON go deep into the martial arts, different styles, and how "full contact karate" became kickboxing and sparked the MMA revolution.

First off, the almost accidental choosing of the name "Dragon." Sometimes small declarations really do stick.. for over 28 years. He also talks about his origins getting into martial arts and the importance of studying multiple styles.

He then details his journey to professional fighting despite "family expectations" of his trajectory to work as an engineer at the Kennedy Space Center. BD chimes in: "But at least you can kick the asses of all those scientists!"

"The Dragon" goes on to talk about getting involved in professional fighting, being carried off the stage in Canada by a celebratory crowd, and other experiences that result from being a world champion fighter.

Finally he gets in to cinema: such as how Roger Corman recruited him to star in "Bloodfist" (a successful and classic franchise) and how things in Hollywood really worked back then. He talks about his many starring roles, and fun stories from behind the scenes.

DON "DRAGON" WILSON also talks about BRUCE LEE's influence on both him and the martial arts. He describes Lee as the "Einstein of Martial Arts" and talks about him inventing the famous "JEET KUNE DO" (JKD/Kendo) sparring gloves out of necessity in the developing Mixed Martial Arts arena.

Also, he discusses how CHUCK NORRIS convinced him to get into acting. The mere suggestion changed the fighter's life forever. insert Chuck Norris joke here

Also, be sure to look out for the new upcoming buddy comedy "Blood & Fist" (no relation to Bloodfist.)

Join us for this fascinating and inspirational interview full of wisdom from one of the world's greatest martial artists.


Clipped from The BD Freeman Show, S2E6

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