This week we have independent filmmaker and director KEVIN STAGGER on to discuss his current projects. 

He recounts how as a kid in Brooklyn, he could be seen lugging around a huge VHS camera and filming everything. 

He then talks about his wild times at SNL where he befriended Eddie Murphy. This brings on some spicy quiche talk. In addition, he talks about how he got into Hollywood by sneaking on to film sets, and hilarious behind-the-scenes anecdotes from his time as a background artist 

Check out his latest movies "Lost Vegas", "Family Blood" and "1 Time" on or on the Tubi app!


RE-DEAUX (pronounced RE-DO) is our term for RE-DOing the audio and video on a favorite episode.  We hope the episode is a little more enjoyable now. :)

Originally Premiered:  Oct 15, 2022


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