Sarah Grether & B.D. Freeman


Accomplished actress, ballet dancer, and choreographer SARAH NEVADA GRETHER joins us to discuss her latest feature film "Grand Jeté." (grand Jeh-tay)

Grether goes into her history as a ballet dancer, her time in Europe, and how she became an indie darling in the European film scene, and the challenges of shooting her latest controversial starring role.

Her latest film, "Grand Jeté" is a 2022 German film with English subtitles, and is currently on limited theatrical release in the US.

Director Isabelle Stever's film "Grand Jeté", an official selection of the Berlin International Film Festival, is a powerful character drama about familial boundaries and the lack thereof, with sensational (and daring) performances from Grether and striking, intimate cinematography by Constantin Campean.

"Grand Jeté" will be premiering soon on VOD on October 25th.

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