This week on THE BD FREEMAN SHOW we welcome actor and influencer SCAR!

Talks about being an influencer, starting with his first viral video trying KALE CHIPS (eww) and KOMBUCHA. This led to him doing hot food challenges like ONE CHIP CHALLENGE and gaining more notoriety. This attention and his striking look soon gave way to acting opportunities in music videos, TV, movies and more! He can be seen in the new BEVERLY HILLS COP and recently the new FLAMIN' HOT movie directed by EVA LONGORIA!

He then goes in to the the ebbs and flows of trends online gotta stay on top and how you gotta "keep it hot." He talks about how the videos changed his life, and  that for the first time people saw him in a positive light.  People on the street were now coming up to him because of his videos, and not walking the other way scared.  

It also changed how he was dealing with the cops, who are now stopping him for pictures instead of tickets!

SCAR discusses the strange foods he's had to try, and having wonderful experiences traveling around America "getting out of his comfort zone," including one time canoeing in the Georgia Swamps with thousands of ALLIGATORS! Plus, he was soon working with the biggest names like BEYONCE!

He believes there is some novelty in people seeing the heavily tatted SCAR in "normal circumstances."

Finally he talks about being a Tattoo Artist, the pain of practicing on himself, and the grueling process of getting his horns tattooed on his head with no painkillers whatsoever!

On tattooing, he first highlights the importance of having to have a love of the arts and different media, but that his favorite part of tattooing is the diverse array of people he gets to meet

He addresses the stereotypes involved with having lots of tattoos; and the unlikely casting challenges he's faced. He also talks about some of the behind the scenes casting fallout from "THE HANGOVER 2" when the Tattoo artist who made Mike Tyson's iconic face tattoo SUED for copyright infringement, which had a chilling effect on casting people with real tattoos! 

In the monologue BD FREEMAN talks about his experience growing up in an an area where busing and integration touched his life, and his experience with a certain "N-WORD"

Finally comedian MIKE STAND brings the house down with a hilarious set. 

It's another fun and exciting BD FREEMAN SHOW!

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