Terry Reid Live


This show was so amazing, we had to split it into two parts!

This week, Legendary rock musician TERRY REID joins B.D. to to talk about his days playing with rock royalty including KEITH RICHARDS, JIMI HENDRIX, and JIM MORRISON, just to name a few.

Finally, he breaks out his amazing vintage GIBSON LES PAUL guitar and treats us to a performance of his song "Don't Know Why (I'm Shy About You).""

One of the original British bad boys, also talks about growing up in the 60's during the peak of the rock era, touring with the ROLLING STONES at age 15, and being one of the most sought-after singers in England.  

Along with some hilarious stories, he tells of how a single phone call set the proverbial stone rolling toward the creation of LED ZEPPELIN, and playing all ovet the world with his friend JOE BONAMASSA.

Stay tuned next week for PART 2!  More music (including 2 more performances with different vintage guitars) more stories, and more fun!

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