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This week, author of "TENACIOUS HOPE," LAURIE KATHLEEN FREEMAN joins BD  to discuss her book, her health journey, and anecdotes from the people the book has brought into her life.  She's also excited to announce a new book distribution deal! 

In the hilarious monologue, BD ponders the concept of "pseudo-certainty" such as how certain things enter the public consciousness as believable just because we're taught them in school.  He goes on to explain how the video of the moon landing was ACTUALLY filmed, what happened to the first black astronaut, and dispels the notion that people only "use 10% of their brains."

Then he welcomes LAURIE KATHLEEN FREEMAN, author of "TENACIOUS HOPE" to discuss her book, the writing process, and more.  You might be also recognize her as his wife!

The normally comedic show takes a more serious turn as we learn about her book and her health journey.

 She talks about how she got started down the arduous path of writing and communicating her story by writing letters to her "sister" offering advice and emotional support.  

We learn about her decades-long battles with health issues and how she has kept going in spite of the pain and challenges she has endured.  We also learn how her health journey has faced many challenges in the medical field including the maddening gender treatment gap.

She goes on to read some important passages in her book (TW:SA) and offers advice on how women don't need to be "nice" and to stand up strongly for their medical care. 

Finally she talks about the excitement of her new book distribution deal, and what's next on the horizon for "TENACIOUS HOPE"! 

Then BD stars in another hilarious "THAT'S WHY" about a BAVARIAN RAPPER and brings the house down. 

Tune in for a special, poignant, and sometimes hilarious BD FREEMAN SHOW!

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