BD Freeman and Mike O'Rourke


This week B.D. welcomes hilarious Bronx comedian MIKE O'ROURKE! With a legally dubious interview followed by a killer set, buckle in and get ready to laugh as East Coast meets West Coast tonight on THE BD FREEMAN SHOW!

The gritty Bronx native finds humor in growing up in the rough streets, wearing knock-off designer clothes, encountering 9 year old street gangs, and even getting mugged for pocket change!

MIKE O'ROURKE talks about getting into comedy, getting kicked out of college, opening for HANNIBAL BURESS in Florida on a broken ankle, and working construction at 1 World Trade Center while honing his stand-up act at night.  He also recounts some hilarious brushes with Marijuana legislation throughout the years, and even shares some travel tips!  He goes on to share his city-dwelling wonderment while learning about mountains in Colorado (There's more than one!) and finishes off with a fantastic stand-up set!

BD continues to lament the construction going on at his house in the monologue, and draws some boundaries about phone etiquette between male friends. It's another hilarious night at THE BD FREEMAN SHOW!


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