Corey Sherrill


This week, the hilarious influencer and comedian COREY SHERRILL joins BD Freeman to discuss his comedy from going to prison at age 17 to being a model, influencer, comedian, and even a puppeteer!

The self-proclaimed "#SEXIESTMANINCOMEDY" makes his pitch to the audience, and talks about being single in Los Angeles. 

"Corey Be" also discusses his life experiences as inspiration for his comedy, and talks about giving back to the community by putting on puppet shows for kids at the Schomberg Library in NYC.

He and B.D. go back and forth on the difficulty of doing comedy with different audiences, like completely bombing and more hilarious stories!

B.D. talks about the latest 5-Star General and phone etiquette and more in his monologue.

Plus, a hilarious "That's Why" - "THE FIRST INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP" and some exciting news about the show!

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