Taylor Sackson


This week, BD welcomes musician and singer/songwriter TAYLOR SACKSON! The amazing vocalist wows the audience and penetrates the room with her nationally recognized talent and original music.

In the monologue, BD riffs on video game violence and modern side-hustles, then he gets into a fascinating interview with the fascinating young dynamo TAYLOR SACKSON, who later blows the roof off the house with her incredible voice. Seriously folks, the pipes on this one!

She talks about getting started in the music industry, growing up all over but landing in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix AZ.

From an early age her dad took her to concerts, and she recalls that once she got lost and it turned out she was on the stage with Lynrd Skynrd!

Then she dishes on going through the gauntlet of American Idol, and how her experience differed as it was during the peak of the pandemic!

Along with being isolated as both part of precautions, and also part of the show, she dealt with having to sign NDA's not tell anyone about such an exciting time in her life.

The young musician also talks about her writing and musical process, such as having a whole book of poetry ready for inspiration and the importance of not overthinking art.

Finally, she treats us to TWO AMAZING LIVE PERFORMANCES of her top singles "LIZ" and "INERTIA"!

TAYLOR SACKSON is currently recording her new album, check out her new single "When I Get to Where I'm Going" on SPOTIFY!

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